Why Residual Income Is Important
if You Want to Be Free!


I WANT RESIDUAL INCOME…about as bad as I want to air to breathe!!

“Why”? you may ask

Plain and simple… Residual Income = Freedom

Why you need residual income

Why you need residual income

I know a lot of people who are making lots of money each year with their jobs.

Then I know a lot of people who are making lots of money each year with their “businesses”

But when it is all said and done – they usually run into an interesting situation being – if they don’t go to work they don’t get paid OR if they don’t show up business doesn’t get done.

This is something I experienced first hand when I was in the real estate and mortgage business.

When I was doing mortgages I was generating a nice 6 figure salary thinking I was FREE because I was a business owner and ‘technically’ could do what I wanted to do without having to report to anyone else.

But the truth of the matter was – I had really done nothing more than purchased a job.

If I did not show up at my office, business wasn’t moving.  If I didn’t prospect for new clients – my income for the following month was not guaranteed.  If I wanted to purchase something that was high ticket, I had to ponder what I would need to do to replace the money I just spent inside my bank account.

I wasn’t free…I had just purchased a job.

stressed entreprenur

Unfortunately, this is a far too common plight for entrepreneurs.  Many of us think that we are living the American Dream and having massive success because our bank accounts look fat right now, but what if the unexpected happens.

What if you get sick?

Get into an accident? 

Have a sick family member to attend to? 

Have serious marital or relationship problems? 

Have an issue with a child that needs special attention?

What if the economy crashes and the demand for your goods or services disappears?

What if your social security or disability payments are cut?

WHAT IF!?!   


There are so many “what ifs” that can come in and interrupt not only your long term financial stability, but your ability to have the financial freedom to TRULY live life on your own terms.

After all, who wants to spend 30+ years of their life trading their time for dollars just to keep the lights on and keep a roof over their head?

Most of us, when it is all said and done – would love the luxury of getting out of the bed not because they have to- but because they are well rested.  The ability to travel the world and experience other cultures.   The ability to do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want.



The unfortunate part is that so many of us do not think this is a realistic goal and because we don’t believe that – we don’t even TRY to break free.

We live our days stuck in the matrix – being semi bored until we die.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  

The internet has provided the opportunity that allows anyone and everyone to even the playing field to financial success.  It doesn’t matter if you are old, young, rich, poor, black, white, college educated, or middle school drop out.

If you want it bad enough and are willing to put in the work…you can become financially free.

And when I say financially free I mean you have put yourself in a position where you do not have to trade your time for dollars and you have passive income that comes to you day in and day out regardless of whether you physically get out and “work” or not.  

I am just getting started with an online residual income build with the intention of building up a $7,000/monthly residual income within the next 30 days and helping 4 people build up at LEAST a $5,000/monthly residual income within that same time period.  

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